That Personal Care

Adopting a dog couldn’t be simpler.

If you see a dog you can’t live without, he/she can be reserved for you by one of our team, they deal with each adopter personally, organising the different requirements for travel to wherever you live.

Why Adoption Costs?

There is a cost involved in adopting a dog and transporting it to you.

These costs are solely to ensure that you end up with a healthy dog but you as the adopter are in charge of the package you take.

The charity has an agreement in place with our vets so that any adopter benefits from the discounted rates when taking a LCAR dog from El Paraiso.

Adoption Costs

  • 35€ gives passport, microchip and rabies injection
  • 15€ inoculation against 7 diseases
  • De-parasitisation 15€
  • 2nd rabies injection 10€
  • Male castration under 15kg 67€
  • Male castration over 15kg 80€
  • Female spay under 15kg 80€
  • Female spay over 15kg 90€
  • 40€ gets a dog tested for distemper, parvo and corona virus
  • 60€ for laboratory blood tests for Leish, Erlichia, Anaplasma, Lyme, Ricketsia and Filaria
  • Total cost Male under 15kg 202€
  • Total cost Male over 15kg 215€
  • Total cost Female under 15kg 215€
  • Total cost Female over 15kg 225€