The Team

Jacqui Ross – LCAR founder

Hailing originally from Birmingham, Jacqui now finds the majority of her time is dedicated to the LCAR rescue, having been responsible for the rehoming of countless dogs. She has 9 dogs and 4 cats of her own and regularly steps in to foster dogs when needed.

Vanessa Mae Burrell

Based in Norwich UK, Vanessa started out as an adopter and now helps Last Chance with finding new homes and fundraising.

Inez Robinson

Inez adopted 2 dogs from the Perrera and decided she wanted to help make a difference. Based in Alhaurín El Grande, Inez mainly promotes for fundraising and deals with the social media side of the rescue.

Tracy Kardie

Update coming soon

More info on the newest members of the team, as soon as they send me something. And if they don’t I’ll make something up!